Joomla is yet another winning content management system that is written in PHP and lets you have a website that is customized and secure where you can get an access to easily publish your content. It is used to add more power aspect in all the websites. Using Joomla you can run e-commerce sites, online magazines, non-profit and profit companies’ websites etc.

It is defined as an open source where technical or non-technical people can utilize their skills in development. The best feature of Joomla is that it is very much extensible. Other than this it is a free to use system with fast deployment, SEO optimization support and low cost implementation.

Important Features of Joomla:

• RSS Feeds
• Printable Page Versions
• Page Caching
• Web Indexing
• Forums
• Polls
• Website Searching
• Language Internationalization
• Newsflashes
• Blogs
• Calendars

Why Approxen?

At Approxen we have highly qualified Joomla web developers with comprehensive solution for every business. What keeps us apart from the rest is our team’s dedication to keep things simple yet technical while making most of its features possible for your website. The outcome of our services is that even a non-technical person can easily control and manage the website once it is done from our end.

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