Android App development

Tips for Android App Development in 2016!

Recent studies and stats show that Android has taken over half of the mobile market and the percentage seems to increase. Android app development has immense opportunities to developers as Android has a very strong user base. The development techniques are being updated according to the requirements and technological advancements. However, developing of an Android…

App web development

To-Do list for website development!

Before entering into the business market, you must come up with a solid business idea as well as with an impressive website. Developing a business website for the first time can be very challenging for you if you are new to web and insufficient technical knowledge can cost you a significant investment, your precious efforts…


Your online presence can benefit your business!

Today, when everything is being managed online, it is also necessary for every business to develop an online presence. Nowadays, internet is considered the most effective and affordable means of business marketing and companies have started doing it to take an edge over competitors. Developing an online business is not only important for big companies…

Approxen mobile app

How can you generate revenue from a mobile app?

Apps are definitely a fantastic medium to communicate to target audience and bring in business. They are not only known for increasing efficiency of business but also play an important role to boost the brand reputation. App development is highly recommended by every mobile app development company as they are one-time investment and ensure fantastic…

Approxen web

Are you aware of these web development mistakes?

This is a digital age and web development has become the most complicated job for web developers. Because setting up a website for business is not difficult but developing a useful, errorless and effective website is a real challenge. There are many websites which offer fantastic products and services but are unable to sell and…

website_redesign approxen

Why does your website need a redesign?

If your website is unable to sell your products and services, you may have a feeling that your website is failed to display them correctly. Apart from display features, the overall content may have some issues and it is not according to what is required. If you are not sure if the problem is with…