Techniques of mobile app development!

Mobile app development is an essential element for any business in order to promote its product or services in an effective way. Today, due to growing usage of mobile devices, companies of every type irrespective of size & functions are adopting mobile app strategy for significant growth in sales. But, developing a mobile app requires…

Responsive Approxen

Nuts & Bolts of a Responsive Website!

Few years ago, websites were used to be designed for desktop users and the only challenge for designers was to adjust the website on different screen sizes of desktops. With the introduction of Smartphones and Tablets, the approach has been transformed and new techniques are being utilized to adjust the website’s appearance & functionality to…

Mobile app development

Things to remember when designing a mobile app!

You may have been good in planning an effective design of the website but developing a mobile app is entirely a different experience. Mobile users have different approach and have different expectations from desktop users with respect to view, readability, text, font, navigation, finger touch aspects etc. Mobile app development requires an error free design…


Target your business areas with Android app!

One of the best operating systems for mobile devices is considered as Android which is an open source platform for developers. Android offers a variety of functions and advancements which make it easy for developers to work on efficient development. To have a better understanding on mobile app development with respect to Android operating system,…


Build opportunities with Custom Web Development!

This is the era of web and making an appealing presence on web so as to be prominent among competitors. Today, there are equal opportunities for companies of all types with respect to size & functions to play their business part online and earn revenue. Web presence for every company has become essential as it…


Things to consider when designing a responsive website!

In early days, websites were used to be developed for the desktop users and the development requirements were restricted to that of desktops only. But as mobile devices moved into the web globe, the development preferences changed and shifted from that of static to responsive. A responsive design makes it possible for users to access…