What is Augmented Reality Application?

Augmented Reality Application is a real time invention of technology in shape of an efficient App which provides a live enlarged view of the objects of the real world in a modified form by pointing the camera view of Smart Phones or Tablet towards the objects around and can have all the information related to the respective object.

Components of the App   

Some components need to be considered for the development of Augmented Reality App and those components may include;

Input Devices

Processing Unit

Display Screen


Today, almost every computer based mobile phone devices such as Smart Phones & Tablets are built consisting of these components and these devices are now commonly used among the people.

How does the App work?

The application allows the appearance of augmented view of objects by the use of sensors detecting multiple markers use for the recognition of objects. Once the sensor detects specific markers on any object, AR App starts to work and offers user a modified view of the targeted object and disclosed all the relevant information about the object.

Scanning bar-codes is a similar procedure and it is an easy way to understand the process of AR Application. Scanning machines make detection of bar-codes on the objects and ultimately disclose & display the feed information about the objects.

Similarly, when it comes to augmented application, sensors play the role of scanners and markers are placed in the substitution of bar-codes. As the display hits the marker position, sensor starts displaying the information about the object.

Use of Application

AR App is a useful app developed for the users to access all possible information related to the pointed object. On one side, users have the approach to the useful data and an interesting app which attracts them & get them engaged with its efficient features whereas on the other hand, business community has got the way to make their products & services marketed.

Organizational Representation

Organizations make the most of Augmented Reality App and make it possible to market their products & services through placing marker on different things relevant to their representation such as;

Business Logos

Products Display

Official signatures

Pictures etc


Augmented Reality Apps are also used as a navigation resource and are widely used in the world to guide routes. With the help of the App, an individual can get to know before time the relevant route to the destination.

Hence, Augmented Reality App Development can be useful to every organization irrespective of size and function. Approxen has a dedicated team of app developers who are professional, experienced and certified for every type of mobile app development.