Approxen has brought a bundle of solutions for the endorsements of your products & services in shape of mobile apps. These apps help you bring life to your lifeless business and allow you to make your business coverage wider than before. Mobile apps are now the easiest option for the organizations to gather the customer traffic towards their products & services. Developing a mobile app for the facilitation of the consumer is now the trend which has been caught on rapidly by every organization.

Following possible mobile app solutions have been designed by Approxen and various others are also possible to be developed as according to the specifications of product or services. Approxen is a well-recognized mobile app solution company and offers cost-effective services to businesses of all types;

Mobile Payment Solutions

These applications are designed for the ease of users to make payment through an app. If you are a product seller and worried for your online customers to allow them to pay through a mobile app then these solutions are the best way to have it as the medium of your services payments.

Order Tracking Solution

These tracking applications allow a customer to track their orders whether they are related to food, social services, facilitation services etc so that it will make them know about the status of their orders. Today, order tracking apps are considered the best apps and are widely used all over the world.

Tracking Application

Tracking App is designed for tracking people, personal belongings, items etc and it keeps you up to date regarding the status of any particular item. The app helps to find out the exact location of people and other items as well as is capable of generating reports containing accurate information.

Procurement Application

This App will help you make purchases by way of an App and can place multiple orders at the same time. Whether the purchase is regarding office supplies, electronic items, packing supplies, interior design items or other disposable items, procurement apps are best to follow.

Product Catalog

This service allows customers to access a wide display of products & its features so that complete knowledge can be accessed. The old days have gone when people used to visit outlets for the new arrivals of products, now apps do it all.

Online Product Display

According to this mobile app solution, users can make an instant access to the variety of products & services. Now, display centers can convert their stores into online display centers through apps and make more & more people see their series of products.

Location Offers App

Location Offers App is the solution which provides help to locate exciting offers related to food, garment, facilitation services etc and allow the users to have a complete knowledge about such offers around the area.

Restaurant Finder App

Restaurant Finder is an exclusive app designed to find the most appropriate restaurant around you and which can provide you with your desired food. With these restaurant finder apps, it has become very easy, quick and convenient for the people to plan for the food in the nearest restaurant.

Mingle Apps

Mingle Apps are one of the types of Apps which are designed for the people to come closer at one platform just like other social media networks. Such apps are used to share information, pictures, videos etc.

Many other applications can also be developed such as;

Augmented Reality Application

School Management System

Mall Management System

Leave Management System

Facilitation App

Social Networking App

However, different apps can be developed depending upon the type and need of business. If you think you are missing our business opportunities just because you do not have a stronger customer base, get a meaningful app developed by Approxen as it is a known mobile app solution company and provides cost-effective services.