As Apple Smartphones have their own operating system, Android is also an operating system specifically designed for Android devices. The biggest competitor of iOS is Android and shares one of the largest parts of mobile revenue. Android was initially launched by Google which gained immense popularity because the operating system is cheaper than iOS and provides rich user experience. With its effectiveness related to cost & user-experience, businesses with limited budget and small industries are looking forward towards android app development.

Android is a Linux based operating system and extremely capable to develop applications with Java. The reason of its popularity is the provision of ultimate mobile experience in a cost-effective way. The fact of the matter is, Apple manages to sell by targeting high-end consumers whereas Android has taken the lead in numbers. It is highly recommended that Android is not only beneficial for companies with limited budget but it is really helpful for those who are new to mobile strategy.

Android app development is beneficial for companies in many ways, as Android is an open source operating system which does not only provide user-friendly development of features but it is also a reliable platform. With Android app development, any business can access large amount of opportunities to sell and grow in global market.

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Benefits of Android App

• The core advantage of building a business app on Android is the saving of development & licensing cost as Android allows free Software Development Kit.

• Android Application Development is extremely useful for the companies which are new to promoting business through a mobile app.

• Android platform highly supports inter-application integration which increases the visibility of business among various platforms.

• Being open-source platform, Android makes it quite convenient to have profits on less investment.

Approxen can help you building your own business mobile app on Android. If you have an app idea, contact our sales team for further information.